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[Watch] The Orcs in Shadow of War Crank Up the Trash Talk With Kumail Nanjiani

Will there be underling hecklers too?

[Watch] The Orcs in Shadow of War Crank Up the Trash Talk With Kumail Nanjiani

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is obviously bringing back the best features of its predecessor, Shadow of Mordor. It's also taking those features and cranking them to 11. We know Talion is back, as well as Celebrimbor. But this new video shows how much they've added to the real meat and potatoes: Orc trash talking.

The Nemesis system allows orcs to be randomly generated with different looks, weapons, and personalities. This ends up giving pretty unique experiences that no one else might have. The previous game had quite a number of personalities for orcs, but Monolith seems to be diversifying said personalities, some of which are a tad ridiculous. It works though because sometimes orcs are ridiculous. But are they as ridiculous as comedian Kumail Nanjiani? Because he voices a special orc called The Agonizer.

Check out the video below to see Nanjiani's take on an overzealous orc that isn't too sure of himself sometimes. He's often second-guessing his blood-curdling insults on the battlefield, making him awkwardly lovable. We can see Nanjiani's work on the game in a mere five days when it releases on October 10 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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