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[Watch] Star Wars: Battlefront 2 releases new trailer narrated by John Boyega, showcasing all its game modes

"This is a Star Wars experience like none other."

If nothing else, DICE and EA have successfully put Star Wars: Battlefront 2 front and center at every major event this year. With the game's full release now under two months away, and the Beta coming up next month, EA has released a new trailer, voiced by none other than John Boyega, who plays Finn in The Force Awakens. Boyega's presence in the trailer is significant because he brought significant attention to the idea of Battlefront having a comprehensive single-player campaign back in March of 2016.

Here's the trailer:

Also revealed in the trailer is the new Arcade mode, which essentially replaces the rather lackluster "Missions" from DICE's first Battlefront. As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the upcoming Beta will give players a taste of the new Arcade Mode, which will feature a 10-on-10 team battle where players will fight next to AI allies against enemies, roughly simulating a standard multiplayer match. The Beta will also have a "Hero vs. many scenario" where you’ll control Darth Maul and fight against legions of enemies on Naboo's Theed Map.

In, Arcade Mode, players can tweak such things as difficulty and trooper classes used by AI, allowing more freedom to hone their skills. This way, we'll all be better prepared to take on the many players sure to join the Galactic battles when Star Wars: Battlefront 2 releases on November 17th, 2017.

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