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There's an Orc bard in Middle-earth: Shadow of War wielding a battle lute!

He's better at instruments than I am...

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a rather dark and grim game, something which is sort of to be expected in a game about Mordor, but even in the darkest of times there is light. One Orc, Shaka the Singing Warchief decided to brighten the mood for his fellow comrades and wield a lute and not a sword.

We like to stereotype Orcs and think that all they want to do is kill us and laugh while doing it, and while that is mostly true, some Orcs just enjoy doing it while serenading us with a song.The Orc bard Shaka the Singing Warchief who also put some points in ranged abilities appears randomly in Middle-earth: Shadow of War to lighten up the mood for his brethren while bringing some happiness and joy to all of the lands of Mordor. The first time players encounter the lute hero he sings them a little song before he tries to kill them. How nice of him! A real gentleman with hat an all. He is not tied to some special event or mission and can appear anywhere in the game, but when it does it is a glorious moment.

The nice Ord bard isn't the only unique and funny Orc. for example, comedian and Silicon Vally actor Kumail Nanjiani makes an appearance worth experience. Seems like Monolith Productions cranks the Orc-Uniqueness levels to 11 this time around.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

For those who want to experience this for themselves, do not read any further

Bellow, you can both read and see for yourself what an excellent bard Shaka the Singing Warchief is.

You may have heard of one like me
That prances, dances and sings with glee
Wherever the strife, the Singer is there
He slaughters and slays with such merry flair
I sing this song with all my breath
Take heed, for this interlude ends with your death

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