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Steam accidentally leaks THQ Nordic's new game, Fade to Silence ahead of The Game Awards

Releasing next week into Early Access

The Game Awards are just a few hours away, and you had to expect that a leak would show up sooner or later. Indeed it has in the form of THQ Nordic's new character-driven Survival RPG, Fade to Silence. The game's Steam page has revealed the game ahead of time and shows off a post-apocalyptic frozen world where players will have to read weather patterns as they embark upon long expeditions for resources while being able to use wolf sledding mechanics.

THQ Nordic's reveal site still has a countdown running that will expire at the moment The Game Awards start, while gradually unblurring an image in the background of a desolate snowy world. 

Fade to Silence is going to be an Early Access title according to the Steam listing, but doesn't appear to be the traditional ARK/Rust type of Survival Game. It's described as "a more personal game-experience than a survival game," according to THQ Nordic and developer Black Forest Games. Fade to Silence casts you into the role of a defined character, Ash, who is described as "a natural but tormented leader," implying that there is an overarching story. 

Players will be able to recruit NPC's to help them during long expeditions for resources, all the while paying attention to the environment to make sure they don't get caught in a blizzard and freeze to death. Also scattered around the environment are monsters called Eldritch, which you'll have to avoid until you construct strong enough equipment to battle them.

Steam accidentally leaks THQ Nordic's new game, Fade to Silence ahead of The Game Awards

If anything Fade to Silence feels more reminiscent of something like State of Decay, as it looks like the game is single player only and tasks players with coordinating their followers' resource management. The idea is that you build a base and gradually upgrade it by going out and scavenging materials, all the while weighing the risks of exploring just one more nook while the threat of the world around you remains ever present.

We won't have to wait long to play Fade to Silence either, as the game will release on at least Steam's Early Access program, but we'll have to wait and see if Xbox One's Preview Program gets it as well. The Game Awards livestreams tonight at 5:30 PM PST.

[Steam via Wario64]

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