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Gamers lose their mind over Bungie community manager's comments on Destiny 2's "ultimate loot"

Perhaps try reading things in full before making an opinion.

Destiny 2 looked to address the wrongdoings from Destiny 1. The game shipped with more story than ever, more strikes, crucible maps, and gear than its predecessor. Despite the additions in Destiny 2, fans have used the latest personal note from the game's community manager to reveal what they think the game is still missing.

In the weekly 'This week at Bungie' (TWAB) community newsletter, Bungie's community manager DeeJ went supplied Destiny 2 players with the typical content that's expected in a post like that. The post covered when players could expect the Iron Banner to return, information on the Faction Rally, Twitch stream details and more. 

Part of that 'more' was a personal note from DeeJ, that was meant to serve as a 'thank you' to everyone who makes 'the game great for each other'. Unfortunately, the note caused the Destiny 2 community to enter a world filled with salt.

Basically, the main point of DeeJ's personal note was ignored and his comment on the "ultimate loot" in Destiny 2 being "friendship" was focused on. Here's DeeJ's comment: 

"On a personal note; just the other night, after we caught up in the Crucible, I had dinner with a dude I met as my teammate in a Bungie game eleven years ago. I am a product of the Bungie community. My challenge to every Guardian is to look to the human element in Destiny 2 to fuel your appetite for ultimate re-playability. The ultimate loot is the friendships that can grow out of a game like this. There will be more gear to add to your character (next week, even). The rewards that I’m talking about are the people in the community that thrives in this game. If you let them, they’ll make your hobby as a light-dealing hero on a starside campaign for glory even better.

"Thanks to those of you who are helping us to drive that scene."

Perhaps a majority of TWAB readers missed the 'On a personal note' introduction, which openly states that the following text was a personal opinion and not a statement on Bungie's view of endgame contentForum users and Redditors took this note an opportunity to lambast Bungie with their opinion that Destiny 2's 'lack of endgame' (focusing on the engame gear grind) was being covered up with multiplayer and that multiplayer teams should be bigger.

DeeJ replied to the angry internet goers on Reddit, saying:

"Reddit, that was a personal note from me about a nice moment I had with a long-lived friend of mine, not an official statement about Bungie's attitude about the endgame. I've always been a community guy. That's why I play games. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not an elite Raider or a 1%er in the Crucible. Games are another social outlet for me - a collaborative, tactical roleplay for an old improvisational actor who has always loved action movies. Destiny is a social game, and we have a lot of new players in our community who have never joined a Clan or opened their experience to another human voice. My personal story was as a positive example to inspire them to take a chance on us. If you seek more reasons to play, I'll see you in Iron Banner next week. If Crucible isn't your thing, good luck in the Prestige Raid. I'll sit that out. When the designers tell me they don't expect everyone to complete that, I know what they mean. Peace."

DeeJ's reply notes that there is more content on the way to Destiny 2 and that there are varied experiences in Destiny 2 for players to experience if one aspect of the game isn't their thing. 

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