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Gambit Movie To Start Shooting in March

Will the cards be in their favor this time?

Gambit Movie To Start Shooting in March

20th Century Fox has had the untitled Gambit movie on the docket for years now. It's had many false starts, re-writes, and direction changes. Despite this, they keep at it, as it's been revealed that the film will start shooting in March and finish up in July/August in New Orleans.

Omega Underground reports that the film is expected to move beyond the drawing board this February, which is a stepp further than it has been before. The film has been in such a development hell that the working title (the project name a movie is called before release) was changed, almost as if a 100 percent change felt needed to refresh the project.

Rumors are that the film will feature Remy LeBeau (Gambit himself) with Bella Donna Boudreaux from his origin story. The film iss set to release February 14, 2019.

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