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Destiny 2: New subclasses were revealed a year ago and other rumors/leaks that proved to be true

I remember those leaked pictures!

Bungie revealed a number of new features that gamers can look forward to in Destiny 2 later this year, but it turns out that we had seen some of it last year - even the newly revealed subclasses!

In August 2016, art for Destiny 2 surfaced on an artist's personal site. This artist had worked with Bungie on Destiny: The Taken King and the art that had appeared on their site was believed to be Destiny 2. While the notion was quickly rejected by the artist, the art was removed and forgotten. 

It turns out that the art was real and showed off new subclasses for Destiny 2 - the Dawnblade, Sentinel, and Arcstrider!  Check out the art below:

Destiny 2

Destiny 2


There are even more rumors that were correct (besides the most recent Destiny 2 rumor that dropped before the big gameplay reveal).

Back in September 2016, it was rumored that Bungie would be releasing Destiny 2 on PC, with the help of Vicarious Vision and High moon. The official teaser that released in March 2017 confirmed the PC release and newly released details from a hands-on event also confirmed that the game is coming to PC with help from Vicarious Visions.

The same September rumor suggested Raid matchmaking and Destiny 2 will feature matchmaking to a certain extent with their Guided Games feature.

Towards the beginning of this year, we officially heard what will be transferable to Destiny 2 and what will not.

  • Here's what will transfer to Destiny 2:
    • Destiny Guardians will be transferring to Destiny 2 if they have achieved level 20 and completed the 'Black Garden' story mission. 
  • Here's what will not transfer to Destiny 2: 
    • Power, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency.

Prior to this knowledge, it had been rumored on two occasions that Guardians would not be making the jump from the original Destiny to Destiny 2 - which are now obviously incorrect. However, the second rumor that stated that Guardians would not be transferrable did accurately state which platforms the game would be available on.

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