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Fight in epic Star Wars battles on iconic planets and rise through the ranks playing as the heroic Rebellion or the evil galactic Empire. Whether fighting through blaster-wielding troops, or piloting your favorite Star Wars combat vehicles like Snowspeeders, Speeder Bikes, and AT–ST's – Star Wars Battlefront puts you at the center of the galactic conflict!

Star Wars: Battlefront (DICE) Review

Of all the wonderful memories I have of the original Star Wars trilogy, perhaps none stand out as much as the time I first witnessed the epic battle on Hoth in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes back. Though Star Wars is the epitome of the “Hero’s Journey,” it was iconic scenes like this -- these massive battles taking place in a galaxy far, far away -- that stand out the most. Nothing beats the tension of first witnessing the powerful Imperial army, complete with intimidating AT-AT, slowly approach the hidden Rebel base on the frigid icy planet. For me, that’s my most memorable moment; of course, you may have a different memory from the trilogy -- maybe the battle on the forest moon of Endor, maybe the opening fight sequence in Return of the Jedi.... Read Review

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